Training for professionals in Sussex on eating disorders awareness @withoutstigma

Beat is the UK’s eating disorder charity and provide support to anyone affected by mental illness. Beat are working with Sussex Partnership to provide training for professionals across Sussex.

The training will increase participant’s knowledge of eating disorders and also of local service pathways, enabling more people to be able to spot the early signs of an eating disorder and then know how to act, how to respond to a young person and then where to go with their concerns. As a result meaning more young people will get the vital early support they need.

This free eating disorder awareness training will provide a comprehensive understanding of:

  • What an eating disorder is
  • How to spot an eating disorder, the signs and symptoms
  • How to approach a young person you are concerned about, and what you can do to help them
  • Information about local Eating Disorder Service’s, how to refer in to these services and what normal treatment may involve

The sessions will include input from a representative from our Pan-Sussex Children and Young People and Family Eating Disorder Service, who will provide an additional insight into the specialist service.

Upcoming course dates are as follows:

To find out more about beat and the support and resources they provide for professionals go to:

To find out more about the Pan-Sussex Children and Young People and Family Eating Disorder Service go to: