Star of the Year 2017 finalists revealed @CI_NHS

C&I recently kick-started the summer by hosting our Star of the Year Awards, acknowledging and applauding the great and inspirational work of individuals, teams, service users, carers and volunteers at the Trust.

The afternoon was entertaining and moving in equal measure, with the winners’ colleagues and nominators thrilled to see them getting the recognition they deserved. In addition, it was wonderful to have the Mayor of Camden, Cllr Richard Cotton, join us for the afternoon and handout the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Here are details of all of the winners. Congratulations to them and to all our fantastic runners-up.

Staff Recognition by a Service User Award

Dr Louis Dennington (Clinical Psychologist)

Louis’ citation read:

“With Louis, you are not treated just as a service user, but also as a person. His great gift is he genuinely cares!”

Picture: Dr Lucy Wilson-Shaw accepting Louis’ award on his behalf from Leisha Fullick, Trust Chair




Linda Polan Trophy

Dean Moriarty (Service User)

Dean’s citation read:

“Dean always demonstrates openness, honesty and empathy and is a fantastic role model and inspiration for other service users!”

 Picture: Leisha Fullick presented Dean with the Linda Polan Trophy




Volunteer of the Year

Dor Hastings (Volunteer)

Dor’s nomination read:

“Dor has made an invaluable contribution to the Services for Ageing and Mental Health Division. Her energy, enthusiasm and commitment to helping the team is very impressive.”

Picture: Dor was unfortunately not at the event but will receive her Volunteer of the Year award in the next few weeks




Carer of the Year

Sally Hawkins (Carer)

Sally’s nomination included the following extract:

“Sally has been described as a hero of modern times! Her patience, courage and perseverance is remarkable.”

Picture: Leisha presenting Sally with the Carer of the Year award



Instilling Innovation Award

Adele McKay (Acting Associate Director – Acute Division)

Adele’s citation read:

“Adele stands out as someone who can lead colleagues to create a more positive, dynamic and confident culture.”

Picture: Dr Vincent Kirchner, Medical Director, presented Adele with the Instilling Innovation award 



Frontline Service of the Year

Islington iCope

Their citation read:

“Islington iCope receives over 9,000 referrals each year and still manages to treat service users within the waiting time requirements. They consistently demonstrate great commitment to their role and to service users.”

Picture: Colleagues from Islington iCope picked up many awards between them


Support Service Colleague of the Year

William Asare (Domestic Assistant)

William’s nomination read:

“William always makes an effort to talk to staff, service users and visitors, particularly if they are not feeling great. He leaves the ward very clean and takes pride in doing his job well.”

Picture: Patrick Vernon, non-Executive Director, presented William with the Support Service Colleague of the Year


Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion Award

Clover Crumbie (Leader of Nubian User Forum)

Clover’s nomination read:

“Clover has been dedicated and committed to the Nubian User Forum and without her, many African and Caribbean men and women would be at risk of poor mental health.”

Picture: Patrick Vernon presented Clover with the Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion award, and she is here with him and her friend, Lincia Tuitt



Lifetime Achievement Award

Mary McGerr (Community Psychiatric Nurse)

Mary’s citation read:

“Mary consistently demonstrates high-levels of care, compassion and attentiveness, which truly has been invaluable. Many have described her as having a natural vocation for nursing.”

Picture: Mayor of Camden, Cllr Richard Cotton, presented Mary McGerr with the Lifetime Achievement Award 



Extraordinary Courage

Highgate Mental Health Centre staff involved in the Sapphire Ward fire

Their citation read:

“These colleagues demonstrated undeniable bravery and selflessness in the face of extreme danger. Without a doubt, their professionalism that day saved the lives of colleagues, service users and many others.”

Picture: Angela McNab, Chief Executive, presented the Highgate Mental Health Centre staff involved in the Sapphire Ward fire with the Extraordinary Courage award


Team of the Year

CareNotes Revamp Team

Their nomination read:

“This team has made tremendous progress in improving and streamlining the CareNotes system for colleagues, which is now far more intuitive and reflects the working practices of C&I.”

Picture: Angela McNab presented the CareNotes Team with the Team of the Year award



Individual of the Year

Dr Izzy Foustanos (Clinical Psychologist and High Intensity Therapist)

Izzy’s nomination read:

“Izzy is a pleasure to work with, as she always takes the wellbeing of colleagues into consideration. While completing tasks to a high-standard, she has introduced innovative projects, which have improved the recovery rates of many service users.”

Picture: Angela McNab presented Izzy with her Individual of the Year award 
Congratulations to all of our winners, finalists and nominees!