Healthier In Mind @LPTnhs

Sometimes we feel healthy and happy, sometimes we feel sad and worried.

There are times that we can feel very mentally unwell.

Together we need to talk about our mental health, support each other in our community, and improve the services to better provide help to people when they need it.


We haven’t always got support for mental health right, and we need to make it better. Today we launch our ‘Healthier in Mind’ conversation, to better understand what local people need.


All health, social care and voluntary services supporting mental health across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland are committed to working together to provide the best care and support for those that experience mental ill health and for their families.

Everyone has mental health and it is important we raise the profile of mental health in local communities. By launching the ‘Healthier in Mind’ conversation we want to engage as many local people as possible to find out what they think should be our local priorities to improve mental health support. This will form the basis of a mental health strategy that we can own collectively, not only as statutory organisations across health and social care, but with local communities and businesses.

Our local focus is currently on:

•      helping people to get well and stay well

•      expanding support offered by community services and GPs

•      giving the best quality care

•      challenging mental health stigma

•      ensuring mental health is prioritised in the same way as physical health

Why should I fill in this survey?

You may or may not have needed to use mental health services before but we are all likely to experience a change in our mental health at some point. The question is if it did happen, what support might you need?

We have three simple questions we would like you to answer. All the responses to the questions will be collected together and used to help shape how we change services for the better.

Complete the survey or print a copy and post it back to us.

A survey for young people and children is available here, or you can print a copy here.

This information will be shared at a mental health event for all on 27th September 2017 at the NSPCC, 3 Gilmour Close, Leicester LE4 1EZ.