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SAVE THE DATE - 6th October - Durham

The Positive Practice MH Collaborative is a user led multi agency collaborative of seventy-five organisations, including  NHS Trusts, CCG’s, Police Forces, third sector providers, front line charities and service user groups. Our reason for

being is to identify, and disseminate positive practice in mh services by working together across organisations and sectors, to facilitate shared learning, and to raise the profile of mental health with politicians and policy makers. Our Patron Is Professor Heather Tierney-Moore & our Chair is Mike Farrar CBE.

Mike Farrar CBE

We share practice in a variety of ways including through our special interest groups, our events, the national MH Awards, and via our virtual networks. We have also launched our national guide to mental health services, with examples from the moment of engagement with services, to discharge. This guide is particularly aimed at commissioners to make their life easier whilst commissioning mental health services. www.positivepracticemhdirectory.org

We provide free mental health awareness training and support to Members of Parliament, as well as holding roundtables with them and our members to make sure they are as well informed as possible about mental health issues.

We lobby and campaign to ensure that mental health is given a far greater priority and parity on the health agenda, by engaging with, and informing senior policy makers and politicians.

We have also introduced a new MH Events Calendar on our events page in the hope of stopping date clashes, and in the spirit of collaboration with the rest of the mental health community which will reactivate after Covid-19

We hope you like our site, please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you! You can also follow us on Twitter @PositivePracti1

Information on our previous and current award winners is available on the site, we hope you find it useful!

National #MHAWARDS2022 will launch today !

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To nominate please visit:-


   for the team awards


for the individual award

All nominations past National MH Awards, National OPMH & Dementia Awards  and the National CYPMH Awards  will be showcased on our directory site www.positivepracticemhdirectory.org

If you nominated in 2021 and would like to update your nomination please feel free to contact us 


ALL AGE CRISIS CARE REPORT AVAILABLE (Copy can be accessed below)

All Age Crisis care report