Perinatal MH Special Interest Group

Clare McAdam, Devon Partnership NHS Trust

I have been a qualified mental health nurse for over 30 years, throughout that time working with women & families has always been a focus in my career & gave me opportunity to utilise my Nursery Nurse knowledge as well. In the last 8 years I have worked in the Devon Partnership Trust Community Perinatal Service with Dr Jo Black Perinatal Psychiatrist. We set up the first Perinatal Team in Devon with Liz Collins Specialist Midwife at the Royal Devon & Exeter Maternity Unit, 8 years later we have four Community Perinatal Teams, one linking in with each Maternity Department in Devon which operationally I have led on. Working with Midwives, Health Visitors & Mum’s & families has been a fantastic opportunity to learn together & from each other.

 I also work with the NHS England Mother & Baby Unit Clinical Reference Group, we are reviewing standards for all MBU’s in England. Over the last few years I have regularly guest lectured at Plymouth University on Perinatal Mental Health with student Midwives & Mental Health Nurses, this October I will be co-leading on Plymouth University’s first Masters/Degree module on Perinatal Mental Health. Our next challenge in Devon Partnership Trust is opening a Mother & Baby Unit to meet the needs of women in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset – another exciting project for Mum’s & families to benefit from.


Lisa Milne – Bradford District Foundation Care Trust

Lisa is the Clinical Lead for a Perinatal Mental Health and a  Parent-Infant Therapist within Bradford District Care Trust.  She has worked in the NHS for the past 17 years, the majority of which has been focused on perinatal mental health and improving services for women, their infants and families.  Her parent-infant work has led her to develop ways of  supporting practitioners  to shift the narrative of the infant so that all parents recognise their infants’ capacities as well as their infants’ need for a companion.  She is currently researching the mother and infant relationship with a focus on experiences of companionship and moments of meeting.  Both in her work and her research she is particularly interested in mind-mindedness and parental embodied mentalization. Currently she is experiencing the excitement of being involved in the early stages of Bradford’s new Perinatal Community Mental Health Team, working with a great new team, including service users.