Older People’s MH Special Interest Group

Kelly Morrison – Team Manager, Rapid Intervention & Treatment Team, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust

Kelly Morrison – Joint Special Interest Group Lead for Older Peoples MH & Dementia

Kelly is a Mental Health Nurse who started her Nursing career 6 years ago within Female Forensic Services before making a big transition into Secondary Mental Health Services for Older Adults on the sunny Fylde Coast. Here, Kelly has worked tirelessly and compassionately with her fantastic team and even better client group to deliver outstanding and innovative care to their very diverse population. Kelly is also extremely passionate about the health and wellbeing of her team and continues to advocate the importance of this across her trust, Lancashire Care Foundation Trust, this has been further recognised by the team being highly commended for their dedication to health and wellbeing at LCFTs recent staff awards.

Kelly has recently secured the Team Manager position within the Rapid Intervention and Treatment Team where she has worked for the past 5 years.

You can follow Kelly on Twitter at @KMFyldeCoast


Lauren D’Souza – Clinical Lead Nurse Manager, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Lauren is the Clinical Lead Nurse Manager for mental health acute in-patient services at Mill View Hospital in Brighton and Hove.

Lauren qualified from Brighton University as a Mental Health Nurse in 2005 and since then has experienced working within both community and in-patient mental health teams. Although, Lauren has always valued and thoroughly enjoyed all of her work experiences, she has always returned to acute in-patient services, inspired daily by those that she meets, enjoying the sense of team working and knowing that every day brings a new set of challenges and opportunities to develop.

Lauren is motivated, has a strong sense of commitment to patient safety and seeks all opportunities to learn and to improve mental health services. Joining older adult in-patient services as a ward manager – she describes simply ‘falling in love’ with the job. This is when she identifies finding a real sense of job satisfaction and real value. Working with some of the most vulnerable people within our communities and working closely with carers and families – Lauren quickly realised that the services that she was responsible for can have a real impact upon people’s experiences and it was incredibly important that the impact was positive! Working within a leadership and managerial role, Lauren learnt and appreciated that for a team to provide outstanding care, then the team must be cared for, feel valued and have a clear sense of purpose. Lauren values and welcomes the voices of all that use mental health services and believes that only by really listening and being open to new ways of working can we improve our services and the experiences for all those that use them.

Follow Lauren on twitter at @Lauren_DSouza