Older People’s MH Special Interest Group

Kelly Morrison – Team Manager, Rapid Intervention & Treatment Team, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust

Kelly Morrison – Joint Special Interest Group Lead for Older Peoples MH & Dementia

Kelly is a Mental Health Nurse who started her Nursing career 6 years ago within Female Forensic Services before making a big transition into Secondary Mental Health Services for Older Adults on the sunny Fylde Coast. Here, Kelly has worked tirelessly and compassionately with her fantastic team and even better client group to deliver outstanding and innovative care to their very diverse population. Kelly is also extremely passionate about the health and wellbeing of her team and continues to advocate the importance of this across her trust, Lancashire Care Foundation Trust, this has been further recognised by the team being highly commended for their dedication to health and wellbeing at LCFTs recent staff awards.


Dr Tesh Malipatal – HPFT NHS University Foundation Trust