Sgt Richie Poole

Sergeant Richie Poole – Devon&Cornwall Police – Joint SIG Lead for MH,Emerg Services &CJ System

Sergeant Richie Poole is from Devon and Cornwall Police, and is our Joint SIG Lead for MH, Emergency Services and CJ System with Claire Andre from NTW.

About Richie

Richard Poole is a senior Police Sergeant with Devon and Cornwall Police and is currently the Operations room manager, with specific responsibility for the force’s control room based street triage scheme. The scheme has been extremely successful in reducing s136 detentions in the south west and has been recognised nationally and internationally as good practice in achieving positive outcomes for those in crisis.
Richard has presented the scheme as far a field as Canada working with Saskatoon Police and the RCMP, and right across the UK.


Richie can be contacted on twitter @poolybopp and @DCPStreettriage

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