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I have been called many things in my nursing career, some good and some not so good but the queen of partnership working is one I like!

In my role I predominantly work with and I am proud to call Northumbria Police my colleagues. Because that is what they are, alongside my AMHP, acute trust, ambulance and British transport police colleagues. I think that is important, we are all working together; different focuses but overall the same aim, to do the best by the community we serve and care for. I am proud because we do brilliant work together, and we may not always realise we do! When I hear or see how other areas don’t have this working relationship, I see how good we actually are in the North East and how well we strive to work together, when sometimes it isn’t easy.

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The important thing to remember is the little I things make a difference; like the ability to sit on the fence and see both perspectives. Something that puts my role in that unique position. I’m not on ‘your’ side or ‘their’ side but in the middle and focusing on the best outcomes for those involved. I see myself often as translator, reflector, supporter or navigator to others. That is my main aim when I deliver police and partnership working sessions that many have attended around NTW, to see the Police perspective of the world.  I do similar with Police, showing them the workings of mental health services.

I’m privileged in my role to learn many perspectives, to stand as some may say in others shoes, including that of service users able and willing to take time to explain to me their perspective.

If we all do this more often, it can improve our practice and ensure we are considering all the facts and strive to work together to solve issues, concerns or to make the best of situations.

As you will gather it is very much my passion, especially in the current climate. Those that follow me on Twitter know I like a good quote and so I’ve decided to do my own!

“We can battle the stormy sea independently and just try to stay afloat or we can acknowledge our differences and strengths, and anchor together. Learning to understand each other, join and support each other through the stormy sea ahead.’ (Claire Andre 2016)

That way the passengers (or our community/service users) may survive what could be a bumpy ride in public services.



Claire Andre – Clinical Police Liaison Lead 

Northumberland, Tyne and Wear Foundation NHS Trust

This blog is published courtesy of @NTWNHS

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