Talking Changes. @TEWV

Talking Changes is now offering a wider range of talking therapies and counselling services for people living in County Durham and Darlington.

The service already provides a range of self-help and talking therapies services aimed at helping people dealing with common mental health problems such as stress, anxiety or depression.

The team are now also offering a counselling service for people who are struggling to cope with the effects of significant events in their lives such as relationship difficulties, work problems or bereavement.

Suzanne Fisher, clinical lead at Talking Changes, said: “Sometimes the feelings people experience as a result of what’s happened to them can be overwhelming.

“Counselling provides a safe place, where individuals can feel listened to and understood.

“Talking with a counsellor in confidence can give individuals the opportunity to explore their feelings, make more sense of what is happening to them and consider ways to make things better.”

People can get in touch with the service via the Talking Changes website (  where there is more detailed information about the support that’s available and a short on-line self-referral form.

Alternatively, individuals can call the team (Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and until 8pm on Thursdays  Tel. 0191 333 3300) or ask to be referred by their GP.

Everyone who gets in touch with Talking Changes or is referred to the service by their GP will be assessed and offered the most appropriate therapy or supported to access the help they need.