Services Update @Southern_NHSFT

Due to the current and ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we are having to adapt our services to keep pace with the fast evolving situation, to follow Government guidance (so we can increase our capacity for current and expected demand) and, most importantly, to protect our patients, staff and local communities.

As a result of the national crisis, we’ve had to make temporary changes to some of our healthcare services. To provide the safest and best possible service to our patients during these challenging times, we are increasingly making use of technology (such as video or telephone appointments and online resources) to support our staff and to ensure ongoing contact with our most vulnerable patients. In some circumstances, we are postponing routine appointments and treatments in order to be able to redeploy some of our staff to areas where their skills are most needed.

Please bear with us during these unprecedented times, we apologise for any delay in your care and would ask you to contact your local team if you have any questions. In the meantime, below is a list of some key services which have temporarily changed the way they operate:

  • Beechwood ward: a mental health ward for older people at Parklands Hospital. This will temporarily become a ward for adult/older people with mental health issues who require physical health care for COVID-19.
  • Diabetes service: All group diabetes education sessions are cancelled (the team are working on videos and webinars to replace this). Face to face appointments have also been cancelled (many will switch to telephone reviews).
  • Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT): these services will temporarily operate from a single site in Southampton.
  • Outpatient services (in particular musculoskeletal services): patients who cancel appointments will be discharged but able to self-refer back into the service at any point over the next 12 months.MSK services are also currently only providing a telephone service, predominantly for triage, advice and discharge.
  • italk services: face to face sessions have been cancelled and replaced with virtual consultations/appointments.
  • Psychology services: have stopped ISP group interventions for adult mental health inpatients, instead patients are being offering interventions via telephone and via Visionable.
  • The Lighthouse in Southampton: will temporarily run as a ‘virtual’ crisis lounge, as the premises in Shirley are too small to maintain safe social distancing.