Moving to a Single Site for Adult and Older Adult Acute In-patient Wards. @SHSCFT

Over the past few years we have been transforming how we provide acute mental health care in Sheffield.  As part of this work we created a new care pathway from the community right through to our new, purpose-built psychiatric intensive care unit which open in January 2016.  As part of this work discharge co-ordinators and psychologists are now based on each ward, a new team (the Functional Intensive Community Service) has been created for home treatment for older adults in crisis, a Crisis House was commissioned and the crisis and home treatment teams for adults were enhanced.  This work has resulted in substantially reduced lengths of hospital stays and, most importantly, no one has been sent out of city due to lack of bed availability for acute adult beds for the last three years.

This also means that as our teams are effective at keeping people at home, we have reduced our total bed numbers. We are committed to providing care to people as close to their homes as possible and work hard to support people in their communities.  When people are admitted to hospital, we want the experience to be as positive as possible and for it to take place in a suitable healing environment.

We have taken the decision to move towards a single site location for all our adult and older adult acute in-patient wards.  We have been working closely with service users, carers, staff and other partners to develop plans for our new adult acute in-patient unit at the Longley Centre with the aim of having a modern, healing environment which will support the wellbeing of service users and staff.  This information has been publicly available on our website for a number of months in the papers of the Board of Directors’ meetings and in the Annual Report for 2016/17.  It is also referenced in our Estates Strategy booklet which highlights that we aim to deliver our completely refurbished new in-patient wards at the Longley Centre by the end of 2020.

Locating our adult and older adult acute in-patient wards on the Longley Centre site will also help us to support the physical health needs of our service users due to its close proximity to the Northern General Hospital.