Mersey Care launch film of nurses’ children to support ‘Clap for Carers’ campaign @Mersey_Care

Children of Mersey Care’s nurses feature in a new short film that taps into the nation’s gratitude to health workers helping in the Covid-19 crisis, which premiered just before tonight’s (2 April) national ‘Clap for Carers’ event.

In the touching film, which you can see below, the children explain what their Mums and Dads do to help others, which is accompanied by a soundtrack of singer Rae Morris’ soulful cover of The Beatles classic ‘All you need is Love.’

It was launched just 15 minutes before the ‘Clap for Carer’s event, when people throughout the country are encouraged to clap for all the health workers helping those affected by Covid-19.

Trish Bennett, Mersey Care’s Executive Director of Nursing, said: “This is the International Year of Nurse and the current crisis has brought their work into sharp focus. Along with their colleagues in other clinical and support roles our nurses are at the frontline of the fight against Covid-19. Every single nurse, no matter what discipline, makes such a difference to their patients.

“This short film aims to celebrate the expertise, compassion, professionalism, empathy and care that they provide to some of the most vulnerable people in society and to remind us that they are real people, with real lives, real families and real care”.

The film features primary school age children of nursing staff as they share their sometimes humorous, often touching views of their parents’ work.

Blackpool-born songwriter Rae, 27, said: “All you need is love is a very special song. It’s hard to imagine a time where it could be more poignant than right now. I love the way these wise and brilliant children talk about their hard-working parents!

“I remember feeling so proud watching my Mum put on her NHS uniform every day. Sometimes we need a reminder to view the world the way they do, in its simplicity. I’ll be clapping for our carers with the rest of the country on Thursday night and I’m over the moon to play a tiny part in this wonderful video.”