Keeping service users and staff connected. @NSFTtweets

Service users remain well-connected with their mental health teams, who are going above and beyond to care during the coronavirus pandemic.

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust’s (NSFT) Chief Medical Officer today set out the extensive preparations underway to offer different services – and still managing to offer hope, kindness and compassion to people.

Dr Dan Dalton said that staff were working as one to put in place core initiatives to continue to stay connected with service users.

This includes teams working differently to respond to changing needs, such as community staff volunteering to work in inpatient units. More than 160 former employees have also answered the call to come out of retirement and return to work to ease the pressure on colleagues.

In addition, NSFT has also increased the support it is offering to service users and people whose mental health is being affected by the lockdown and has organised a series of webinars to help safeguard wellbeing.

Dr Dalton said: “I’m incredibly proud of the way our staff are responding to the pandemic. We are all facing an unprecedented challenge, yet people are pulling together to do their bit to make a difference by working flexibly, taking on extra shifts or coming back to work following retirement.

“We are also using solutions such as video link and telephone so that we can support our service users remotely while making sure they stay safe at the same time.

“I would like to thank all of our staff and everyone who has played a role in helping us to adapt to this new way of working so that we can continue to offer the best service we can during what is a difficult time for everyone.”

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