Global Digital Exemplar. @mersey_care

Information Technology is increasingly recognised as a major enabler of change and transformation. As a Global Digital Exemplar we’re working on a number of projects looking at delivering exceptional care, efficiently, through the use of world-class digital technology and information.

In secondary care in particular, benefits of investing in and optimising digital technology are not yet delivering the aims outlined in the Five Year Forward View.

A central component of NHS England’s Driving Digital Maturity programme is to create global digital exemplars.

A global digital exemplar will be an internationally recognised NHS care provider delivering exceptional care, efficiently, through the world-class use of digital technology and information flows, both within and beyond their organisation boundary.  It will also be a reference site to other care providers.

Mersey Care is a Global Digital Exemplar

In 2017 Mersey Care successfully attracted £5m of central NHS funding to accelerate our ambition to digitally transform our services.

The GDE programme will be led by Dr David Fearnley – Mersey Care’s Medical Director – who is also the Chief Clinical Information Officer for the Trust.

What does being a Global Digital Exemplar mean?

  • It means we will use technology and digital systems in all aspects of the services we offer
  • It means we will design systems and apps with the insight and co-production of our service users and staff

What does this mean for the people we serve?

  • The trust supports some of the most vulnerable and excluded people in society and in a geography with very high levels of digital exclusion
  • The ‘Dot everyone’ heatmap for Liverpool estimates some 16% of the adult population have not used the internet for access to any digital service (such as banking and retail) and for our cohort of service users this will be dramatically more.
  • Mersey Care will use digital technology in all aspects of mental health care
  • We aim to encourage learning for local and global health systems to show the potential of digital technology to transform outcomes in mental health.
  • We want to see transformed outcomes for people with mental health problems: quicker access to services, have more control over their own health, reduce premature mortality and death by self-harm, enable sustainable recovery.
  • Because digitisation is about people and not just technology, we will co-produce our programme with service users and frontline clinicians to ensure that technology is useful and fully adopted.
  • We aim to make mental health services a receptive culture for digital technology by focusing on the people who use and provide services at the frontline.

What are our headline pieces of work?

  • Develop clinical digital leadership through the organisation
  • Enhance and develop digital skills for our service users and staff
  • Ensure service users have access to their own care record
  • Use most up to date technologies and apps to focus on the prediction and prevention of crisis, self-harm; and suicide

What else will we do?

  • Accelerate the implementation of the RIO Clinical Information System in Local services
  • Continue the implementation of the electronic prescribing and medicines management system
  • Automate and standardise clinical pathways to reduce variation and improve access to services
  • Work with other partners to achieve interoperability and information sharing
  • Develop information-based tools to support clinicians and teams to manage caseloads and individual services users by predicting and preventing crises
  • Use technology to simplify training for staff and extend the learning platform to our partners
  • Scale up the use of Mersey Care apps and other approved apps

Partners, colleagues and stakeholders

We are working alongside other local NHSE global digital exemplars Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital Trust and Salford Royal NHS FT.

Through our Centre for Perfect Care we have well established long term relationships with Locktons and The Risk Authority Stanford and newly developed partnerships with OTSUKA, Relias and Validic.

Global Digital Exemplar Projects

Mersey Care are working on a number of projects looking at delivering exceptional care, efficiently, through the use of world-class digital technology and information. These projects include but are not limited to the following:

Card image for Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration system

Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration system

Mersey Care is the first Trust to use the JAC Electronic Prescribing & Medicines Administration system (known as EPMA) within a high secure environment (Ashworth Hospital)

Card image for EMIS - Mersey Care's web clinical records system

EMIS – Mersey Care’s web clinical records system

Mersey Care clinical staff in the Local Services Division now have access to patient information from a service user’s records held in the GP’s EMIS Web clinical records system.

Card image for Otsuka Health Solutions (OHS) MAST Dashboard

Otsuka Health Solutions (OHS) MAST Dashboard

Community Mental Health Nurses in Mersey Care are piloting an innovative system giving them the kind of dashboard view of their caseloads previously available only to managers.

Card image for RiO - Mersey Care's core patient record system

RiO – Mersey Care’s core patient record system

RiO is Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust’s chosen core patient record system. It is the foundation upon which a lot of the digital advances being planned by the Trust will be based.