ELFT Trust Board Pay Tribute to Staff. @NHS_ELFT

The ELFT Trust Board have issued a moving tribute to staff supporting the Coronavirus response

At last week’s virtual Trust Board meeting, the Board and I were moved to hear of the incredible response of staff to the Coronavirus pandemic. We appreciate how you have all had to make massive adjustments to how you work, how your service or team operates and try to plan for the seismic changes to come in the weeks and potentially, months ahead.

Your contribution is so important and we understand that you need to consider your own personal well being and that of your loved ones. You are not just part of the NHS response to the Coronavirus outbreak, you are also citizens who are affected by it.

We wanted to collectively thank you for your ongoing support of the Trust and the wider NHS. We always have a sense of pride about the work of the Trust but recent events have brought home that we have an exceptional workforce who do their utmost to support one another and support the communities in which we work. We miss seeing you and look forward to the day when we can all chat freely face to face once again. Until then, stay well, make some time for yourself and remember how proud we all are of you every day, not just in difficult times. So thank you – from us.

Eileen Taylor
Interim Chair on behalf of the ELFT Board of Directors