Covid 19: Changes to provision of some Trust services. @swlstg

Covid 19: Changes to provision of some Trust services

It is an extremely difficult and challenging time for the NHS and we appreciate the on-going uncertainty will lead to increased anxiety for many of our service users and carers.

As a Trust, our top priority remains the safety of our patients and staff and as part of our response to Covid-19 we are working with NHS England and our staff to ensure that we are in line with Government guidance. In response to the situation, we are looking at how we can be innovative and support our patients effectively and safely during this time. We will continue to see people face-to-face where this is clinically essential, but in order to reduce face-to-face contact where it is not essential we are reviewing our service provision and have made a number of changes to how we deliver services during this pandemic:

  • Memory Assessment Clinics
    • Closed to new face-to-face assessments
    • Follow-ups and reviews will still take place by telephone where possible
  • Community Mental Health Teams and Recovery Support Teams (Adult and Older people)
    • Use of phone calls and wellbeing checks where possible
    • A case-by-case risk assessment before any face-to-face appointment takes place
  • Wards
    • Where appropriate, and where at-risk groups of patients would be safer isolating at home with appropriate support, we are closing wards for the time being, ensuring there is appropriate alternative support in place. Currently, this applies to Wisteria Ward, Corner House and Seacole Ward
  • Eating Disorders Day Unit
    • Support will be provided by the Eating Disorders Community team
    • No face-to-face appointments
    • No face-to-face appointments
    • We will continue to assess new referrals digitally where possible
  • CAMHS Neuropsychiatry and community services (Tier 3)
    • No face-to-face appointments
    • Care will be delivered digitally to existing patients, and where possible to new patients. Certain new referrals will be deferred due to the schools closure affecting our ability to properly assess patients.
  • Recovery College
    • No face-to-face appointments or courses
    • The service will be converted to digital delivery via online groups, resources, and email/telephone support and the Recovery College venues closed.

If you need support please contact your care co-ordinator or named healthcare professional either by telephone or via email so that we can ensure you continue to receive the support you need.

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