Have your say on the renaming of our Trust @5BoroughsNHS

5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is planning to change its name

As part of this, we feel it’s important to give you, as our service users, carers, staff and stakeholders, the chance to share your views on our proposed name options before we decide what our new name will be.

Why a new name is needed

Historically we have provided treatment, support and guidance for a wide range of physical and mental health issues, as well as learning disability services to people living in the five boroughs of Halton, Knowsley, St Helens, Warrington and Wigan. Over the last six months, we have won contracts to deliver a number of new services to people in areas outside of these five boroughs, including services across Greater Manchester and Sefton.

Because of this, we no longer think the name 5 Boroughs Partnership reflects what we do and where we deliver our services. It is also very important for our service users, carers and staff in the new boroughs we serve to have a sense of belonging to the organisation.

National guidelines

NHS Identity is the national body that manages the strong NHS brand. It has recently updated its brand guidelines, which all NHS organisations have to follow. These guidelines include standards for names of NHS trusts.

These standards say that names of NHS organisations must:

  • Be clear, logical and descriptive
  • Be written out in full, without using acronyms, abbreviations or symbols such as ‘&’ – except St for ‘Saint’ and NHS for ‘National Health Service’
  • Contain a geographic reference, unless it is a national NHS organisation

The geographic reference must be either the name of a place or geographical area, a centre of population (such as a village, town or city), an administrative area (such as a county or local authority area) or an electoral district (parliamentary or local authority). It may also include compass references – North, East, South, West, North East, North West, South East and South West.

This naming structure is in place to help patients, the public and stakeholders easily understand and identify NHS services and what they do.

Our proposed options

Based on these new guidelines, our current name – 5 Boroughs Partnership – would not meet the geographic reference standards because it is unclear where in England the five boroughs are based. We now have services based in parts of three North West counties – Cheshire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester – and covering 15 boroughs. We want to make this clear in our new name.

Even though we were originally a mental health trust, we have been providing both mental health and community-based physical health services for the last five years. Community health services are becoming a much bigger part of the care we provide and we are keen to reflect this in our new name too.

The proposed options for our new name have been checked by NHS Identity to make sure they meet the national standards and are acceptable.

Our proposed options are:

1) North West Boroughs Care NHS Foundation Trust
2) North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
3) Cheshire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester Care NHS Foundation Trust

How to have your say

Please complete our online survey herechoosing your preferred name option by Sunday 12 March.

What happens next

Following the consultation process, a recommended name will need to be formally approved by the Trust Board and Council of Governors before the change can take effect.

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