Winner and Highly Commended for Reducing Stigma Award supported by Time to Change

The following are the Winner and Highly Commended nominations for the Reducing Stigma Award supported by Time to Change:-



Kevan Taylor accepting the Award on Kim’s Behalf

Kim Parker – Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust.  Kim has worked in mental health services in Sheffield for over thirty years, and is the Senior Nurse for Quality at the Trust.  Early in Kim’s career she encountered a female service user who staff found it difficult to support due to both language and cultural barriers, and she dates her interest in and passion for  working to address stigma and discrimination from this early encounter.  Kim has been heavily involved in Black and Ethnic Minorities work as well as with HIV/Aids work, as well as developing mental health links in Uganda.  She tackles the stigma of mental health within the context of other stigmatising issues such as skin colour, physical illness and sexual orientation.;


Matthew Clifton – Cambridge.  Matthew is a passionate, giving individual who experiences mental health himself.  It isn’t easy for him but he never gives up despite having Asperger’s syndrome, depression, anxiety and OCD.  He built a website called after failing at secondary school, and not getting the understanding or support he needed.  He was told he would fail in life so decided to take a stand and prove his school and everyone else who said it wrong.  He works as a volunteer, has won a oommunity inspiration award and blogs for the Huffington Post.;


Thomas Ankin – Goldsmiths University, London.  Thomas is the part-time Disability Officer at Goldsmiths University.  He represents disabled students and has put the Disability Campaign at the forefront of many of the social causes organised at the university.  He always goes above and beyond to ensure the demands of disabled students are taken seriously by management.  He has given us a platform to share our experiences and demand students are not ignored in order to tackle stigma and discrimination.;



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