Winners and Highly Commended for Older People’s Mental Health Award

The following are the winners and highly commended nominations for the Older People’s Mental Health Award.


The Positive Outlook Programme – Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust.  The Positive Outlook Programme is a 6 week programme that provides support and education for people with dementia and their carers to promote maximum functional ability and enhance wellbeing.  The educational element for all participants covers topics of life story work, SONY DSCtechniques to maintain memory, looking after physical health, promoting independence in activities of daily living and making use of community facilities.  Carers have an opportunity each week to meet together as a group to discuss concerns and offer support to on another, whilst the people with dementia meet together to engage in a weekly cognitive stimulation programme.  The group offers a safe, non-threatening, non-medical environment. and although structured is paced to meet the needs of the individuals attending.;


Dementia Intensive Support Team (DIST) – Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust.  The Trust runs  Dementia Intensive Support Teams across the two counties.  They were established in 2012 and 2013 as part of the re-design of the Trust’s Care Pathways for people with dementia and those with complexity of later life.  The resulting services incorporates memory assessment, community mental health teams and the new Dementia ISONY DSCntensive Support Teams.  Providing a crisis resolution and Home Treatment function for people with dementia and other age related mental needs, and their carers.  These specialist teams lead the co-ordination, planning and delivery of fully integrated, efficient networks of cross service community care for dementia/delirium patients.  Their objective is to reduce acute hospital admissions and lengths of stay.;


Amore Care – Priory Group.  Amore Care is one of four divisions of the Priory Group and provides residential and nursing care to people living with dementia.  In 2012 Priory made the decision to invest in a new and innovative Dementia Strategy, in order to improve the lives and quality of care for people with dementia.  The Strategy had a number of key SONY DSCobjectives that include the development of a best practice training programme called Creative Minds. This programme has recently been accredited by the University of Brighton and for staff that wish to continue their learning, the University are offering credits on completion of Creative Minds.  This training is for all staff who work within the care home setting, assuming that all are integral to the care and support of people with dementia.  The ethos of the programme is to support people with dementia to live their life to their fullest potential.;

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