Winners and Highly Commended for Art, Mental Health and Wellbeing

The following are the winners and highly commended nominations for the Art, Mental Health, and Wellbeing Award:-


Raw Sounds, Raw Material-London.  Raw Sounds is a programme of creative media sessions for people accessing mental health services.  Our workshops provide collaboration, SONY DSCexpression and the chance to build new skills in a creative environment.  Raw Sounds seeks to address the social isolation of those young people and adults transitioning from living in hospital, to living independently in the community., and is run on a peer-led model, where professional musicians, DJs and producers train service users to become music mentors and facilitate groups for their peers.;


Cartwheel Arts, Oldham.  All Well and Good is a Cartwheel Arts programme of work in arts and health, currently focussing on arts and mental health, through a three year project funded by the Tudor Trust, Art for Wellbeing 2.  Cartwheel arts have tailored their artistic programme to meet the diverse needs of people with mental health issues.  The creative programmes on offer take individuals and groups on a journey which leads them to raise confidence, develop new skills, as well as being provided with support to work, volunteer and learn independently.;


Breathe Magic – Great Ormond Street Hospital.  Breathe Magic are a pioneering new way of improving communication, social skills, and self-efficacy for young people with a range of mental health problems, through the innovative use of magic and the performing arts.    It is a bespoke programme that uses specially selected and scaled magic tricks and performing skills as a creative tool to enable young people with mental health problems to engage with their heath and wellbeing in a fun way, whilst at the same time, being very effective.  Also nominated in the CAMHS Award.;


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