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Hope by Liz Durrant

One year ago today our friend James passed away. I am sure most who knew James are still struggling with the disbelief he is gone and the sadness we won’t see him again. I think of James in most of my NHS days and wanted again to pay tribute to the wonderful leader I was […]

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Lisa’s Recovery Journey

I have suffered with my mental health for the past sixteen years. I didn’t know anything about mental health services back then, so I did not know what to expect. The one thing I did think was that someone would give me a pill or talking therapy that would make me instantly better. (My magic […]

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What is ‘mindfulness’? by Lesley Dougan

What is ‘mindfulness’? Mindfulness is a type of meditation (a focused relaxation); but it’s more than relaxation, it’s a purposeful awareness or a way of being. It’s about doing one thing and knowing that you’re doing it. Mindfulness practice doesn’t try to ‘do’ anything to you, or force you to believe anything. To be ‘mindful’ […]

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