Award Judges 2022 – to be confirmed

We are really grateful to our Positive Practice in MH Awards Judges who give up their time for us every year.

Our judges come from a variety of backgrounds connected with the mental health field,and in 2022 include:-

Rikke Albert – East London NHS Foundation Trust; Jodie AlderClaire Andre – CNTW NHS Foundation Trust; Marie Ash – Devon Partnership NHS Trust;  Ed Austin – CNWL NHS Foundation Trust;

Katie Bates –Head of Specialist and Secured Services – Cambridgeshire   (HMP Whitemoor, HMP Peterborough & HMP Littlehey) –  Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust;  Ali Brabban – TEWV NHS Foundation Trust;  Mark Bradshaw; Geoff Brennan; Mark Bridgman – Devon Partnership NHS Foundation Trust; Rachel Bullock – North Staffs Combined Healthcare NHS Trust; Richard Bulmer – Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust: Victoria Burns – Devon Partnership NHS Trust;

Tulane Chiarletti – AWP NHS Trust; Emily Clayton – Devon Partnership NHS Foundation Trust; Lawford Clough – East London NHS Foundation Trust; Dr Annie Cox –  Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust; Michael Crilly – Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust;

Lesley Dougan;   Adam Drage – Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust;   Rosie Drage – Langley Green Hospital;  Sean Duggan – Chief Executive, The Mental Health Network;  Liz Durrant – NHSI;

Caroline Finch – Professional Lead OT for Acute & Crisis Care – HPFT; Ali Foster; Beth Ford & Biscuit – User Involvement Manager,  Southern Healthcare NHS Trust; Jacky Francis – Devon Partnership NHS Foundation Trust;

Caroline Gadd – Holmusk;   Emma Gillard – Devon Partnership NHS Trust;  Sharon Gilfoyle – CPFT NHS Foundation Trust;

Guy Harman – CNWL NHS Foundation Trust; James Harper – Care Group Manager MH, Lancs. & South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust; Dr Jane Harris – Associate Director of Communications & Partnerships, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust; Dr Christopher Hilton – Director, West London Mental Health NHS Trust; Jen Holling – Northampton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust;  Jane  Hughes – Chief Executive, Mental Health Matters;

Kevin James – NSFT;   Bec Jasper – PACT; Paul Jebb -´Lancs. & South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust;

Sarah Keetley – CNTW NHS Foundation Trust;

Helen Lee – NHSEi; Fran Lepori – CNWL NHS Foundation Trust;  Anna Lewis;

Helen Mackay; Stefanie Maudsley – Consultant Nurse, Lancs & South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust;  Marsha McAdam – Expert by Experience; Tim McDougall – Director of Nursing & Quality, Lancs. & South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust;   Sonia McGough – Mental Health Matters; Jane McGrath – We Coproduce; Sally Milne – CNWL NHS Foundation Trust;  Wendy Minhinnett; Toby Morgan;  Jake Moore – Community Services Manager, Devon Partnership NHS Trust;  Dr Sara Munro – Chief Executive, Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust; Jo Murray – TEWV NHS Foundation Trust;

Clare Neill – MPFT NHS Foundation Trust; Maria Nelligan – Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust;

Jonathan O´Brien; Vanessa Odlin – CNWL NHS Foundation TrustKaren Oogarah; Adele Owen;

Diane Palmer – NSFT NHS Foundation Trust; Sarah Parkinson – Principal Clinical Psychologist, Greater Manchester  MH Trust; Zo Payne – Holmusk; Lewis Powell – Devon Partnership NHS Trust;  Alastair Penman – CNWL NHS Foundation Trust;  Jack Phillips – Devon Partnership NHS Foundation Trust; Bobby Pratap – NHS England MH; Kathryn Pugh MBE.

Mike Reeve – Navigo; Faye Rice – CNWL NHS Foundation Trust; Kayleigh Reid – CNWL NHS Foundation Trust; Cathy Riley – MPFT NHS Foundation Trust;  Waldo Roeg – CNWL NHS Foundation Trust; David Rogers – North Staffs Combined Healthcare  NHS  Trust; Tony Russell; Angie Russell;

Paul Scott – Chief Executive, Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust;  ´Lived Experience Ambassador, NHSiHari Sewell –  Director, HS Consultancy;   Amy Shaw – Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust; Julie Sheen;  Kim Shutler – The Cellar Trust;   Amanda Simpson – Navigo; Adam Smith – Northampton Healthcare  NHS Foundation Trust;  Sal Smith – Head of Co-Creation, TEWV NHS Foundation Trust;  Jamie Stafford –  Programme Director, CMHT, East London NHS Trust; Jane Street; Katy Stafford – Langley Green Hospital

Heather Tierney-Moore OBE – Patron PPiMH Collaborative;   Michelle Trainer –   Head of Service, (CAMHS Durham & Darlington)TEWV NHS Foundation Trust;  Steve Trenchard; Emma Tucker – Devon Partnership NHS Trust;

Dr Emma Wadey – Deputy Director  Mental Health Nursing,  NHSEi; Leanne Walker; Melanie Walker – Devon Partnership NHS Trust;  Ellie Walsh – Navigo;  Kate Ward – Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust; Glenn Westrop – Essex Partnership University NHS Trust; Liz Williams – Joint Strategic Commissioning Convenor, LD & Autism, Surrey County Council.